Toe Jam

“To better serve our community with homemade, unique products that taste great.”

Wendell MacKinnon’s mission is as simple as that.

Wendell is the owner of Toe Jam, a Nova Scotia company with a purpose to make individuals think outside the box…when it comes to jam!  His ingredients are teamed together to make your mouth water. Examples?  Zingin’ Blueberry Lime, Mmm-Mmm Chocolate Berry, Rich Vanilla Blackberry and his famous Apple Butter!

Why are these jams not like the rest, you ask? For starters, all the jams not only complement bread and rolls…they also add a special touch to everyday meals we have in our household. Honey Raspberry Jam over oven-roasted chicken is a gourmet meal without all the work! Warm Blueberry Lime Jam is the perfect drizzle for fresh chocolate cake!  Caramel Apple Jam is paired to perfection with pork tenderloin! 

Why buy jam just for toast? Use it to create and flavour your own meals.  Life is meant to be ‘spiced up’!

Wendell is an advocate for shopping locally and is committed to make his jams gourmet yet affordable.  He is passionate about his creations and works hard to use local ingredients, when he can.

Look at jam in a completely new way. Then start tasting it! You can check out his products at Nova Scotia Pantry, in Greenwood!