Meegan Lovett Holistic Health

Please tell us how and why you began your small business journey?

I started my business in 2016, making natural products and learning about sustainable living, stresses and working through my own anxiety and traumas. It was also when I made some huge health changes with regards to my Crohn’s Disease. It was a big shift. At the age of 38 I dove into a new life, and still love learning about mother earth, my local food sources and my community.

What was the first product you made?
My first products were massage oils, but that product quickly morphed into creams.

All your products are environmentally friendly, your customers appreciate that, has this always been important for you in your everyday life.

I feel fortunate growing up in Nova Scotia. We were one of the first provinces to be introduced to the green bin (compositing) and sorting your garbage for recyclables for municipal pick up back in the 90ies. It definitely had an impact on my awareness of sustainable vs waste.

Your creams, dryer balls are all homemade, have great feedback and work very well. Can you tell us what your experience has been using them?

I love making natural healing products and sharing them with like-minded patrons. My pores used to clog up and I would break out from box store, mass produced skin care and make up. I had to stop using them and experimented on my own skin. The results were and still are, smaller pores on my nose, removal of moles and skin spots. My skin loves being hydrated.
I have used the same dryer balls for 5 years, they look as good as the day I made them. I save money by using them in my dryer, using less drying time. I love adding a drop of lemongrass on each ball this time of year to ward off bugs and ticks. When drying towels and sheets I add a drop of lavender or orange essential oil to enjoy. A drop of tea tree in the winter to ward off colds.

What is your favorite product to make and use yourself? Why is that?

Such a tough question. I guess it depends on the season. Right now its sunscreen in the morning, healing balm and the night serum before bed. Sinus ease because of the pollen thats floating around and I drink my Kombucha daily to maintain gut health.

You also make Kombucha, can you tell us alittle bit about that process and what your favorite flavors would be.

I’ve made a lot of flavours over the years, I love strawberry ginger combo, now that the warm weather is here I add a lemon balm leaf from my garden to each bottle. Delicious and healthy!

I really enjoy Cherry Flavour and Lavender/lemon Flavour as well.

Where can we find you and your products this summer to purchase?

You can find me every Thursday 3-7pm at the Middleton Farmers Market, located on the lawn of the beautiful, historical MacDonald Museum.

Saturdays in Harbourville 9:30-1:30 pm At the North Mountain United Tapestry and Market
Sundays 10-2pm in Windsor at the Avon Community Farmers Market

Also at the Lovely New Store The Nova Scotia Pantry in Greenwood
my website is

I also do deliveries twice a month Middleton to anywhere in HRM

Looking into the future, are you working on any specialized items, new creams or holistic products, we can look forward to trying?

I am currently working on something new, All I will say is that it involves Menthol Chrystals and Magnesium….
I can’t give a timeline on this new product. When I do make a new product I use it on myself for a few months. Then add it to my subscription boxed for my best customers to use and tweak the product according to their feedback.

When we see your logo or brand, what is it telling us?

I hope that my logo represents me, I am my brand lol.

Have you always been interested in business? Do you feel it’s important to collaborate with others through business and do you shop locally yourself?

I have always enjoyed the freedom that comes with working for yourself and feel its so important to collaborate with other small businesses. It strengthens our local economy and keeps our carbon footprint low. 90% of my food is local, I also eat seasonal 90% of the time too as I feel this is very important for our immune system.
I try to highlight some of my favourite local products in my monthly subscription box called “Get It All”
where you can find local, seasonal products like maple syrup, honey, garlic, jams, loose tea, art, pottery the list goes on! I’m always on the hunt for new sustainable products for me and my clients.

I’m very excited about this summers Markets, putting myself out there and meeting new people.