Lori Teale – Soft Suds Soapery

  1. Tell us why you like being an entrepreneur and working for yourself?

I’ve worked in an office setting for over 10 years in customer service (we all  know that’s not sunshine and rainbows) Starting the business and working for myself allows me to have a creative outlet and I’m able to make my own decisions, have control and be my own boss.

  1. Have you always been passionate about soap?

Honestly I haven’t, I’ve always had horribly sensitive skin so I was very particular about what I used. I discovered that you could make your own soap and specify what benefits you’d like to have the final product have. From there I started research and set  out to make a soap that wouldn’t dry my skin out or cause irritation.

  1. All your products are uniquely packaged and designed. How do you choose which scents to use?

I don’t really have a plan when it comes to making soap. Sometimes I’ll have a random soap design pop in my head, or I’ll design a soap based on a fragrance. I always purchase fragrances based on what I would personally like. I always try to make sure I have a floral, earthy, fruity, woody and fresh scents available.

  1. Your soap is very popular, have great feedback on how long a bar lasts. Can you tell us what your experience has been using them?

Surreal, I never set out to make such a long lasting bar of soap. Sometimes when I’m using one of the products I’ve created it suddenly dawns on me that this is something I’ve created and produced by myself.

  1. What is your favorite product to make and use yourself? Why is that?

Bath bombs! As temperamental as they can be, I love playing with the different colors whether I’m painting, using hidden colors or making a single color batch, Each one is unique and different.

  1. Can you tell us some of the soap making stages you go through to create such lovely products?

There is really 3 main steps to making soap, planning where this is formulating your own recipe, purchasing the supplies needed or pre-designing the soaps you’d like to make. Making this surprisingly doesn’t take that much time. The whole making process depending on the design can go quickly. Finally the cure, typically soap has to cure 4-6 weeks before use. This doesn’t mean the soap is harmful to use, the long cure makes it so you have a harder longer lasting bar of soap.

  1. Where can we find you and your products this summer to purchase?

I’ll be opening my own website soon, it’s a work in progress. I will be attending the Kingston Farmers Market weekly for the remainder of the season. I will also be attending the Yogi Bear Market on July 15th.

  1. You have a lot of different items in your line of products. Can you tell us more about your shampoo bars?

My shampoo bars are one of the products I’m most proud of. When creating them I wanted to make something that is very gentle and specifically formulated for color treated hair. Most people are surprised when I let them know they last 50-60 washes. They’re made with hair & scalp loving ingredients that will help repair damage and strengthen strands.

  1. What is your most popular item you sell?

That’s a hard question, it’s a toss up between soap, shampoo bars or bath bombs.

  1. How many years have you been making soap, what inspires you to keep motivated in the business world?

I started dipping my toes into soap making in the summer of 2020. I started researching, formulating and testing different recipes. I officially started selling in February of 2021. Hearing feedback whether it’s positive or otherwise is what keeps me motivated, I’m always wanting to learn new things to make sure I am creating the best product I possibly can. 

  1. Are you currently working on any new products or unique scents we can look forward to buying?

I am working on making the highly requested shave bars, lip balms and I now have fully tested some conditioner bars to go with our best selling shampoo bars. I’m hoping to have those stocked at NSP soon! 

  1. When we can’t find you at a market or working on your business where can we find
    you? Your hobbies, interests etc.

When I’m not working my day job, I’m typically at home curled up with my two rescue dogs or playing a video game. I’m much more of a homebody than people think, I love nothing more to be curled under a blanket with either a cat or dog in my lap.