Anna Mann

Currently I make shawls, scarves, dish towels, placemats and table runners.  I am inspired by being able to create a great product locally.

Tell us how you got interested in weaving and sewing?

I remember my mother sewing and her old sewing machine.  I became interested in weaving after watching someone doing the weaving process.  I took some classes, and have been in love with the craft ever since.

Have you always been a crafty person?

I have always been interested in crafts.  Once I had children, we would craft together and I always loved those times.  Once they grew up, I continued on.

Tell us about some of the products you have and how you came up with your product line?

Currently I make shawls, scarves, dish towels, placemats and table runners.  I think I came up with my product line, mostly with things that i like. For example, I wear shawls all the time, I find I am a person who is cold one second and warm the next a shawl is a perfect solution, easy to put on and take off, LOL.

Can your items be customized with colour, item etc.?

Yes, I am always interested in discussing and working with people to know what they would like.

What is your favorite project you have made to date?

I recently made a double weave blanket.  It was a very challenging but enjoyable project.

Would you say weaving is similar to knitting or crochet?

Weaving does use the same materials as knitting and crochet, however the process and the end result is very different. I feel like weaving has a much tighter stitch.

Can you walk us through a few stages of how you start a project?

Once I know what project i am going to do, the first step is math (unfortunately).  There are calculations to find out how long and wide the project will be, because the length is all put on the loom at the beginning, which is called warping.  Once this is done, we start to weave! Which is the best part!  There are some special stitches we need to do at the beginning and end of the project to make sure it all stays together.

Are you always working with a certain type of yarn or material, or change into different   textures?

I use all types of different materials.  I think changing to different types of yarn and cotton make each project fun and unique.

 What is your most popular item you sell?

I think right now its my shawls, but year-round favorite are the dish towels.

What inspires you to be a small business owner?

I think I am inspired by being able to create a great product locally.  I also love to meet all of the other local small business owners.

How would you like to see your business expand in 2024, new products?

Yes, I have so many ideas for new products for 2024, also I am going to be learning how to process wool from start to finish, and then use it in new projects.

When you are not busy creating, what can we find you doing?

When I am not weaving, I can usually be found in my garden or greenhouse! I love gardening and growing vegetables and flowers.

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