Amy’s Creations by Amy Lowe

Beer can glasses, adult & children, baby apparel, candles, key-chains, wristlet, car decor.

1. Tell us a bit about your journey of why you started your business?

To share my creations with everyone.

2. Have you always been passionate about creating products or are a crafty person?

Yes, weather it was holiday crafts, art with my family or even work residents.

3. Tell us about some of the products you have and how you came up with your product line?

Beer can glasses, adult & children, baby apparel. Candles, key chains, wristlet, car decor.

4. Can your items be customized with different sayings, themes?

Yes. You can always send me a message!

5. What is your favorite product to make and use yourself?

Why is that? Beer Can glasses because I love how aesthetic they look.

6. Can you tell us some of the stages you go through to create such lovely products?

I find my design. Pick out what kind and type of vinyl I want to use. Set up my cricut machine and then I go through a weeding process. I use transfer tape to transfer onto the object.
For iron on I use a heat press to secure the image.
For permanent vinyl I clean the outside of object to secure permanent vinyl then use low heat to help vinyl last longer.

7. Where can we find you and your products this summer to purchase?

You can find them on Facebook & Instagram page at @
My website at @

8. Can you tell us how being a new mom and a business owner has been this year for you? Have you designed products for baby/ toddlers based upon your own experience?

It’s been an amazing experience. My son has helped me in the smallest ways, reminding me why it is to push myself out of my comfort zone because I am his role model. Yes, I have made items for my son as well as many other family members and they love them.

9. What is your most popular item you sell?

Beer can glasses, baby apparel.

10. What inspires you to keep creating products daily?

Seeing the creations come together.

11. What would you like to see, in your business in the next 2 years, expansions, new products?

I would love to get my brand out to others. New products.

12. Your hobbies, interests etc.

Spending time with my son outside. I love to read.